I am a Minnesota-based watercolor artist living and working in beautiful St. Paul. My inspiration comes from my travels and from everyday life. I carry a sketchbook and art tools with me at all times, and since retiring from teaching in 2016, I’m also able to spend many hours in my studio.

Immediately after retiring, I began my new life by spending a week sketching in Paris. Since then I’ve studied watercolor in Volterra, Italy, in Kent County, England and in Amsterdam. Wonderful and talented instructors, new friends and beautiful sights. What could be better?

When I travel, I am very attracted to architectural detail. The variety of materials, wealth of textures, play of light and shadow, and the forms and colors are distinct to each location and culture I visit. Along with that, the people in each locale make my visits truly memorable.

The artwork you see on this site is original and comes framed and ready for sale. Please contact me via email or purchase directly from the site via PayPal if anything captures your eye.  If shipping is required, I’ll arrange it, let you know the cost and add it to the purchase price.
Any questions or comments are welcome!
Thank you so much for visiting, and please come back soon!
Lynn Pauly