I am a Minnesota-based watercolor artist living and working in the beautiful city of St. Paul. My inspiration comes primarily from my travels, and I carry a sketchbook and bag of art tools at all times.  I am very attracted to architectural detail. The variety of materials, wealth of textures, play of light and shadow, and the forms and colors are distinct to each location and culture I visit.

My love for travel started at age 8 when I went solo by train to visit my grandparents. The
thrill of adventure stayed with me, and any new place feels exotic. After teaching elementary
art for 35 years, I retired in the spring of 2016 and started my new life by spending a week in Paris. Since then I’ve studied watercolor in Volterra, Italy and in Kent, England with renowned artists and teachers who have been instrumental in helping me grow as an artist myself. Here on my site you see the results of concentrated learning with the best!
I’ve also added a new gallery called Fancy Footwear, because if there’s anything I love as much as traveling, it’s Shoes! Please contact me via the site if you are interested in one or more of them. Some are originals, some prints of originals, and prices vary and can be negotiated.
All artwork, except digital prints, comes framed and ready for sale. Please contact me via email or purchase directly from the site via PayPal.  If shipping is required, I’ll arrange it, let you know the cost and add it to the purchase price.
Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I love talking about my creative process! Thank you so much for visiting, and please come back soon!
Lynn Pauly