Welcome! I am a Minnesota-based watercolor artist living and working in the beautiful capitol city of St. Paul. My inspiration comes from my travels.  I am most attracted to the details of architecture–the variety of materials used, the wealth of textures, the play of light and shadow, and the forms and colors distinct to a location as seen in its entryways and windows.

My love for travel started when I was a child. Before the age of ten, I was allowed to take solo trips on the Zephyr Rail Line to visit my relatives in Iowa. The thrill of adventure stayed with me; any new place feels exotic. My adult lifestyle has allowed me to continue exploring the world, on school breaks as an art educator, traveling with groups or taking to the road solo again.
In spring 2016, I retired from my 35-year career and began my new life with the gift of two watercolor workshops in Tuscany, Italy and Kent, England. These experiences, with skilled instructors, have been instrumental in honing my painting skills, allowing me to produce the quality of work I’m proud to share with you here.
My artwork can be seen in at Dow Art Gallery & Picture Framing, 2242 University Avenue West, St. Paul, MN. All artwork is framed and for sale, and can be purchased directly here or at the gallery. If shipping is required, it will be arranged and added to the purchase price.
Thank you so much for visiting, and come back soon!
Lynn Pauly